Founded in 1905, Helkama is a Finnish family-owned business, whose handlebars remain firmly in domestic hands. Every Helkama bicycle is a little bit of Finland – have you already got your own?

For Finns, the best known Helkama product is definitely the bicycle. For a century, the company’s Jopos, Ainos, Kulkuris and other legendary models have carried flaxen-haired children to and from school, and have become an established part of the everyday and celebratory life of the entire nation. Helkama’s extensive experience is also reflected in professional assessments, and the company has proven to be Finland’s highest rated brand name in sports and leisure equipment.

Helkama is, of course, also a recognised name for products other than bicycles. The work initiated by the company’s founder, Heikki J. Helkama, has expanded over the years to include the design and manufacture of a broad range of products.

In addition to Helkama Velox, which focuses on bicycles, the Helkama companies include Helkama Bica (cables), Helkama Forste (home appliances and refrigeration apparatuses), Suomen Koneliike (Helkama Forste’s parent company), Helsingin Uuttera (forwarding agent), and Helkama-Auto (Skoda importer). Together all of the Helkama companies employ a total of approximately 1,000 personnel in seven countries.
The corporation as a whole values its Finnish heritage, its high quality, and its consistency in living up to the Helkama brand name. With more than one hundred years of tradition under its belt, this is one corporation that deserves looking after!